Babysitting Granddaughter Zoe leads to the New Age Music of A Beginner’s Mind – Thanks Zoe!

MindustSo last week while I was babysitting my two month-old granddaughter Zoe, I had Soundscapes one of Comcast’s Music Choice  stations on the TV. My thought was that the instrumental New Age music would keep us both relaxed, and I think that for the most part it did the trick, at least for me. Some old friends like R Carlos Nakai and Peter Kater made an appearance with a track from their album Ritual, along with some music from David Arkenstone. There also was  a lot of music from folks that I didn’t know, like Armand & Angelina and their album Sacred Flute Journeys and a group named A Beginner’s Mind and their release Mindust. After I came home I went to Spotify and gave the album a listen and really liked the album a lot.

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This Date in Music -Nov 14, 1977 – Derek Gripper is born and the Safari discovers the Music of Mali!!

Origianlly posted November 15, 213

Last night the tiredness of the last now three days of work caught up with me and I was unable to complete this post …….

So tonight I was reviewing the list of jazz musician birthdays on November 14th and a name that caught my attention was guitarist Derek Gripper, who was born on today’s date in 1977. I read in his biography at All About Jazz that….

Derek Gripper is a composer and guitarist from the Western Cape of South Africa, merging “the imagery and mystery of the rural areas of the Cape” with the techniques of classical guitar and the string music of Africa (uhadi bow, umrhubhe, kora, guitar). Derek calls this new evolution of music New Cape describing it as a “rethinking of the Cape’s transcultural heritage.”

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Exploring the New Age Music of Germany’s Uwe Gronau – Thoughts of Tomorrow!!

The other day I visited the Zone Music Reporter Chart for August 2014 to check out what’s new in the world of New Age music. As I looked down the chartThoughts for Tomorrowthe album at No 7 Thoughts of Tomorrow caught my attention, not just for the title,but also for the artist’s name Uwe Gronau. So I went to Spotify, figuring that I’d give the album the 30 to 60 second test and come back later to give it a full listen after checking out more of the albums on the chart. I think the album stayed long enough that I heard and enjoyed most of the album!! Since then I’ve listened to the album several more times, including this morning, while I was doing a few things around the house!! Here’s a little background about Uwe from CDBaby……

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Exploring the Ambient,New Age, Prog of Netherlands’ Forest Field- Onwards and Upwards!

On Tuesday of this week the soundtrack for my run was Forest Field’s second release Onwards and Onwards and UpwardsUpwards. According to their website……

  • Forest Field is not a band
  • Forest Field is a project
  • Forest Field is lead by Chinawhite guitarist Peter Cox
  • Expect some guests announcements soon…
  • The music is a combination of ambient, new age, progressive rock
  • with vintage sounds like mellotron, piano and organ
  • but also electric and acoustic guitars
  • and bass and drums where the song needs it

The project is the child of Chinawhite guitarist Peter Cox of the Netherlands. Onwards and Upwards is a combination of instrumental tracks (odd-numbered) and vocal tracks (the even-numbered ones). Central theme is “it´s not the falling down, it´s the getting up again” (from Stronger)..All of the instruments are played by Cox with the exception of the Native American flute on the song “Hope”. The flute is played by Sue Straw. The vocals are ably provided by Phil Vincent. I knda’ like the instrumental tracks more than the vocal ones, but I really do like Vincent’s vocals, so I guess it’s really a toss-up. Cox is more than able on all the instruments, but I do think that he is at his best when his guitar is soaring through a track!!

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2013 Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) Award Winning NewAge Albums explored on my Safari!!

Over the last year, I have reviewed a several New Age albums. I was happy and surprised to see that several of them recently won Zone Music Reporter (ZMR) music awards! The awards were presented last May. Here are the albums that  I listened to enjoyed and wrote about, that won awards!!



Best Instrumental Album – Acoustic – The Safari listens to Tom Carleno’s Perfect Imperfection. (He’s from from Colorado!)





Best Electronic Album – 2013 – New Age Sounds from David Helpling and Jon Jenkins Found -

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Life’s Soundtrack – The Safari’s Workday flows better with the Music of R Carlos Nakai and Peter Kater

Kater and NakaiSometime in the late 90s, I discovered the music of Native American flute master R Carlos Nakai. Since that time many of his albums have made their way into my music library. Carlos flute, along with the vibes of Gary Burton keep me sane! Many times when I am stressed or worried at work, I say that it is TIME for some R Carlos Nakai and within minutes of the music’s start I am headed back to sanity!! Nakai has some wonderful musicians who work with him to create the music that I love and often need, including William Eaton on a variety of stringed instruments and Will Clipman on various percussion instruments. I particularly like the albums that Nakai has made with pianist Peter Kater. Their 1994 release Honorable Sky is one of my favorites.

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New Age – Healing Music from Michael Brant DeMaria – The Maiden of Stonehenge!

The Maiden of Stonehenge
Michael Brant DeMaria

So the other day I was browsing through the Zone Music Reporter’s New Age Top 100 Radio Air Play chart and I spotted down at #87 an interesting looking album titled The Maiden of Stonehenge by Michael Brant DeMaria. Not knowing anything more about the album, than that it had both an interesting title and a cool cover (there I go again dating myself). I downloaded it on to the iPhone and gave it a listen. As soon as I heard the flute on the first track “Lost Village” I knew that I was going to like the album and I was very, very correct!!

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The Safari Explores the World Fusion Music of Get Tribal – God of Drum!!

This morning the Safari decided it was a World Music kinda day, so  checked out the Zone Music Reporter’s Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart.. The first album that caught my eye was at number 3 – the self released album God of Drum by Get Tribal. The title of the album brought to mind the music of David and Steve Gordon, and the name of the band John Densmore’s Tribal Jazz. So I loaded the album onto the iPhone and listened to it while I was doing some shopping, The music was, in a word, mesmerizing! I found my feet keeping rhythm constantly and just totally became lost in the flow. I even had to ask directions out of Wegmans. Not really! Maybe I should have just stopped though and meditated on the music for a bit!!

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The Safari’s Eclectic Music Day – A Little Folk, New Age and Prog from three great guitarists!

More New EverythinhCrossposted from Me.Myself, Music and Mysteries

So today was an eclectic music day. I had to return to Lambertville today, so I loaded music on the iPhone from two different genres. First some folk music from a longtime favorite, Brooks Williams,  his latest release, More New Everything which is an EP. Then some New Age from guitarist Alex DeGrassi. I listened to those two albums on the way to the site. Then on the  way back, I listened to music from a third genre Prog Rock from the album Ravens and Lullabies from Gordon Giltrap and Oliver Wakeman. As I was listening on the way back, I thought about what tied all three of these albums from different genres together. The answer was that three of the four artist are exceptionally fine acoustic guitar players!!

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